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The ‘Dazzling History’ of Natural Diamonds

If the emotional aspect of diamond engagement rings resonates with you, ‘Only Natural Diamonds’ has a beautiful pictorial essay – covering their history from Mary of Burgundy all the way through ‘Bennifer.’

Engagement Ring
Photo credit: Victoria & Albert Museum, London

A Pictorial Essay

Composed by Marion Fasel, The Dazzling History of Natural Diamond Engagement Rings is a nicely researched pictorial essay in nine parts, featuring a variety of enjoyable images and information.


  1. The First Diamond Engagement Ring
  2. The Wide Range of Historic Diamond Engagement Ring Styles
  3. The Tiffany Setting That Changed Everything
  4. Fancy Shape Diamonds Sing in Engagement Rings During the Jazz Age
  5. A Diamond Is Forever Becomes Part of the Engagement Ring Lexicon at Mid-Century
  6. The First Blockbuster Hollywood Engagement Rings
  7. Y2K Sweetness and Light: Yellow and Pink Diamond Engagement Rings
  8. Neil Lane and Bachelor Nation Raise America’s Diamond Engagement Ring IQ
  9. Diamond Engagement Rings Are All About Individuality Today


Head on over to the Only Natural Diamonds website to read the story in its entirety.

Engagement Ring
Photo credit: Neil Lane

Only Natural Diamonds

Provided by The Natural Diamond Council, Only Natural Diamonds is described as the definitive destination for all things natural diamond:

We provide inspiration, insights and information on the world of real, natural diamonds recovered from the earth. This includes a behind-the-scenes look into the natural diamond industry, the latest trends in diamond jewelry design, as well as education and tips on how to buy the perfect engagement ring and other diamond jewelry.

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