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IGI Addresses Diamond Industry Developments on CNBC India

During the first international version of the IGI D Show in Dubai, May 5-7, 2023, CNBC India’s Manisha Gupta discussed diamond industry developments with IGI Global CEO Roland Lorie, and Tehmasp Printer, President of IGI India.

CNBC India Interview with Roland Lorie

Roland Lorie, Global CEO of IGI, discusses IGI’s role in providing confidence to consumer buyers through certification, the importance of India to the diamond and jewelry market, the growth of the lab grown diamond sector and how they complement the natural diamond market by bringing young people back to diamonds.

CNBC India Interview with Tehmasp Printer

Tehmasp Printer, President of IGI India, discusses the IGI D Show as an international platform for supporting the jewelry industry, the challenges that rapid developments in the lab grown diamond sector have posed and the parallel paths on which natural and lab grown diamonds are progressing.

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