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IGI Argyle Pink Program reported by Gold and Time

Gold and Time, the NEXO Group’s digital platform for professional information on jewelry and watches, based in Madrid, Spain, recently reported on the IGI certified collection of pink diamonds unearthed at Australia’s legendary Argyle Mine prior to its closure.

The article appears on the website and has been translated into English, below. The Press Release on this special collection can be found in IGI’s Press Room.


Courtesy Gold and Time.

IGI will certify the last Argyle diamonds

GOLDTIME | Friday, February 26, 2021

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) will be responsible for certifying one of the last consignments of pink diamonds from the closed Australian Argyle mine, known for almost 40 years as the world’s leading producer of red and pink diamonds.

It is not the first time that the IGI has been in charge of certifying unique diamonds of this kind. Already, in 2017, IGI documented a first collection with more than 2,000 reports. “This second collection will exceed 1,000 reports created in the coming months,” they explain to us from the Institute. The certified and sealed stones will be sold primarily to collectors and investors under the name Collectors Edition.

Courtesy Gold and Time.

“Amid the challenges presented over the past year, the Institute is proud to be certifying a substantial quantity of pink diamonds,” as IGI CEO Deborah Pienica explains.

A one-of-a-kind mine

The Argyle mine operated for exactly 37 years and produced 865 million carats of rough diamonds, although only a fraction of those were pink or red. It also produced other colored diamonds, including champagne, cognac, and blue, but unlike these, pinks and reds do not acquire their appearance from elements such as nitrogen or boron.

Its unique coloration is created by distortions in the crystal lattice that result from the intense heat and pressure during its formation. “Geologically, the mine was unique in its class” they explain to us from the Laboratory.

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