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Record Breaking 47ct ‘Pink Eternity’ Sold in Lesotho

Storm Mountain Diamonds recently sold a 47.80 carat rough pink diamond. Extracted at the Kao mine in Lesotho, the largest kimberlite pipe in that country, the ‘Pink Eternity’ is the largest pink diamond recovered there to date.

Prime Pink Producer

The Kao mine has yielded a number of exceptional fancy pink diamonds in recent years, including the 36.06 carat Pink Storm, sold in 2014, the 25.97 carat Pink Dawn, sold last year, the 29.59 carat Rose of Kao, sold in 2018 and the 21.86 carat Pink Palesa, sold last year. The Pink Eternity was sold for an undisclosed amount.

In addition to diamonds in the normal color range, the mine is known for producing colored diamonds, ranging from purple, pink, blue, yellow and top light brown. Kao’s pipe is confirmed to a depth of 500 meters and has about 18 years of operation left.

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