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The Top 10 Diamonds from 2022 Auctions

Natural diamond continue to command record breaking prices at auction. Looking back at 2022 we see a diverse set of exceptional diamonds, spanning a range of sizes, which the fall of the gavel transferred to new owners. The top 10 commanded nearly $200 million dollars by themselves. As we bring 2022 to a close, we wanted to revisit these special gifts of nature.

#1. The Williamson Pink Star, Sotheby’s

Sold for $57.7 million

Predicted to sell for $21 million, the 11.15 carat fancy intense pink Williamson Pink Star smashed all pre-sale estimates. Read more.

#2. The Fortune Pink, Christie’s

Sold for $28.5 million

At 18.18 carats, the Fortune Pink is the largest pear-shaped fancy vivid pink diamond ever sold at auction, according to Christie’s.

#3. The Rock, Christie’s

Sold for $22.0 million

A 228 carat G color VS1 clarity pear-shaped diamond which did not meet expectations but finished #2 on our list, commanding an impressive $21.8 million. Read more.

#4. The Light of Africa, Christie’s

Sold for $20.0 million

The 103 carat D color, Flawless clarity Light of Africa was cut from a 299.3 carat rough crystal, unearthed from the renowned Cullinan Diamond Mine.

Top 10 diamonds from auction, 2022
Photo credit: Sotheby’s

#5. The Red Cross Diamond, Christie’s

Sold for $14.0 million

The 205 carat Red Cross Diamond sold for $14 million dollars, a whopping 40% over its high pre-sale estimate. Read more about this special sale.

The Red Cross Diamond
Photo credit: Christie’s

#6. The Juno Diamond, Sotheby’s

Sold for $12.9 million

The 101 carat Type IIa Juno Diamond is one of only eleven D color, Flawless clarity diamonds weighing over 100 carats to have sold at auction since 1990, according to Sotheby’s. Read more.

#7. The Golden Canary, Sotheby’s

Sold for $12.4 million

This 303.1 carat Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow Internally Flawless pear, was salvaged from a rubbish heap by a young girl playing near her uncle’s house in Africa. Read the amazing story of this ‘rescue diamond.’

#8. Fancy Blue Diamond Necklace, Christie’s

Sold for $11.8 million

A 31.62-carat fancy blue color, VVS1 clarity pear shape diamond, set among round diamonds and pink diamonds in platinum and rose gold.

Top 10 diamonds from auction, 2022
Photo credit: Christie’s

#9. Fancy Purple-Pink Diamond Ring, Sotheby’s

Sold for $5.9 million

A 7.17 carat Type IIa fancy intense purple-pink color, VVS2 clarity radiant cut diamond, set in a halo ring.

Top 10 diamonds from auction, 2022
Photo credit: Sotheby’s

#10. D-IF Rivere Necklace, Christie’s

Also sold for $5.9 million

Our final entry is not a single diamond, but 52 D color, Flawless to Internally Flawless Excellent cut round brilliant diamonds, weighing from 7.14 to 1.07 carats, set in platinum.

Top 10 diamonds from auction, 2022
Photo credit: Christie’s

We look forward to more exceptional diamond sales in 2023.

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